Vincent is a hardworking businessman, as proven through his successful career. Graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce and a Masters of Financial Management from the Australian National University, Vincent pursued a management career in the Food and Hospitality Industry.

From humble beginnings as the Assistant Manager in Oporto, Vincent then went on to become Store Manager in Nandos’ at two locations, and then became the production supervisor of Summertime Chicken. It is a remarkable achievement that he built up his food industry experience during these short four years of work. Food is his passion, and he loved to get hands-on in every aspect.

With an outgoing personality, stunning interpersonal skills, and a hardworking-attitude, Vincent has flourished into an amazing businessman – becoming the very first franchisee owner of Lok Lok Dumpling Bar. His franchise store in Harbourside has proven to be popular among tourists and customers. Vincent’s unwavering friendly and positive customer service has kept the Lok Lok diners returning again and again.

His passion for teamwork and management is evident in the running of his franchise. All the staff at the Harbourside store finds him to be a wonderful person to work with. His sense of humour is amazing, and this demonstrated assertiveness allows him to step up to resolve problems under pressure.  

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