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About Us

Lok Lok Dumpling Bar is a trendy eatery that transports customers to the land of tasty, healthy,hand-crafted dumplings made with only the best ingredients.  

Our delightful menus offer a variety of classic choices with seasonal flavour, including a range of Asian dishes not limited to dumplings.  

Our team is committed to providing high quality products to ensure customer satisfaction.

You are sure to have an enjoyable time eating at Lok Lok Dumpling Bar!



Join the Lok Lok family to share our passion for healthy, quality food, and discover your true potential.



Enjoy traditional Chinese cuisine and classic dishes with a modern twist from delicious dumplings, to breathtaking rice, noodles and soups. Take a tasting tour across Asia as you discover a variety of flavour sensations - including Seasonal Choices, available for a limited time only!

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